Thursday, August 14, 2008

SSD Drive Is Worth It

A few years ago, rumors were everywhere regarding a hybrid laptop that uses both solid memory for faster book time and standard hard drives.  Today, less than a hand full of tier one laptop producers offer solid state drive as their primary storage.

One of the better known one is the MacBook Air.  Debuting at under $3000 (has dropped $500 since) for the 64GB SSD model, it was what the future was going to look like.  Then Lenovo introduced their own SSD laptop in the form of the Thinkpad X300 and the future was looking good.

Is it worth it?  Yes!

Where are we at today?  Is SSD worth the added cost?  I want to say that if you can afford it, the SSD is definitely worth it.  Whether you're a CEO or super rich student, you're a mobile warrior and your work is important.

I remember when a 60GB laptop hard drive cost me $350 a few years ago.  Today, a standard 120GB hard drive for your laptop will run you about $150.  A couple of months ago, 128GB SSD was said to be $700.  Yesterday, Engadget reported that Dell will be offering 128GB SSD option for $450.

It's three times the cost of a standard hard drive.  A year ago, a 60GB-ish size cost difference was closer to 10 times as much for the SSD version.  While you are looking at a $300 difference you have to ask yourself if $300 is worth your precious data.

What's the average Joe to do?

So, what about those of us who cannot afford it?  Well, we're in luck, folks.  Flash drives and lots of it.  It's the poor man's SSD.  In fact, I'll be pick up a four-port USB hub this weekend and see what flash drive deals I can find.  Hook it up and see if I can't build myself an external SSD that Colonel O'Neill...sorry...I mean McGyver would be proud of.  

Note: It'll be great if there's a program that'll treat such a get-up as one whole drive.  So if I've got four 16GB flash drives stuck in a USB hub, the computer will see one 64GB drive.  If anyone knows how to do this, love to hear from you.

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