Friday, August 1, 2008

Tip: Free WiFi At Starbucks

There's a catch to getting free WiFi at Starbucks. But it’s really free. But you can’t just walk in there and immediately access their network. There are three ways I know of that you can access the Internet there without so much as paying for the service directly. One way is that you can pay for it. No one wants that. Not here at Onxo. Two ways to gain free WiFi at Starbucks:
  • This only works if you're an ATT broadband subscriber.  For example, if you have DSL at home through ATT, you automatically get WiFi access for free.  With your mobile device, select the ATT WiFi as your access point and open up your browser.  It should automatically take you to the startup page where you can enter your username and password.  After that point, you can check your e-mail, IM, surf, or do any Internet related activities. 

  • If you're a coffee drink you likely have a Starbucks card or have received one as a gift.  Simply use it once a month and you get free Wifi access for two hours a day.  Get a small coffee and sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.  It's that easy.  

I've had access to free WiFi access at Starbucks since I got my XO from the G1G1 program. But that was through T-Mobile. Since the switch back in March by Starbucks from T-Mobile to ATT, I only need to let the AP know that I'm an ATT DSL subscriber.  
More information here:
If you're accessing WiFi as an ATT high speed customer, this doesn't just work at Starbucks. It works at any ATT operated WiFI access point.  Now, if you're neither an ATT DSL customer or a coffee drinker, you can pay $3.99 for two hours of metered WiFi.

So happy surfing, everyone! NOTE: I’ve used quite about six location based apps on the iPhone to date and one of them help find out if there is free WiFi based on location searches. Get to it, folks! Also T-Mobile customers will continue to enjoy WiFi access as before.

NOTE for iPhone users: Tomizone, iPhone app, will be adding other WiFi services to save you from having to enter your username and password every single time you walk into Starbucks. Also, ATT may be preparing their WiFi service for free to all iPhone owners (I doubt unlocked ones running on T-Mobile is included). Onxo will let you know when it happens.

ANOTHER NOTE for iPhone users: Tomizone is offer free WiFi access until Oct 11 or when 500MB is reached, which ever comes first.

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