Tom's Hardware on SSD

I like the fact that SSD is catching up so quickly.  Tom's Hardware is comparing 14 of them.  Here at Onxo, we believe it's good to stay ahead of the curve especially if your data is very dear to you.  And what data isn't?

They broke it down to into three categories:  performance, mainstream, and premium.  While the sizes vary as far as the SSD capacity, performance are not always the same.  This is a fact with regular hard drives as well.

What you will have to decide for yourself is if performance is more important or capacity.  Personally, I like capacity.

For the Samsung SSD recommended by Tom's, Extremetech also has a more indepth review.

There is a way to get certain SSD cheaper than just going out there and picking up one up yourself.  More tier one computer makers are now offering SSD as an option, and the price is usually cheaper by a couple of hundred dollars.  Last week, we noted Dell was offer a 128GB SSD for about $500.

So far, Apple, Dell, and Lenovo are pushing these drives (if you don't count the netbook manufacturers).  There is also rumblings that Apple will start offer SSD as an option across their whole line.

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