Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Touch-Screen PC Is All the Rage

Just to show that touch-screen input will be the technology to spur the next wave of PC upgrades, The Inquirer is reporting HP announced that they will have touch-screen computers in eighteen months.  Interestly, this will be available even before Windows 7, Vista successor, is out on the market. 

Onxo believe that while HP will implement its own touch technology, there is no fear that once Windows 7 is out, users will have to learn a whole new set of touch gestures.

However, we won't know the full extent of what HP touch will entail.  Dell has already release the Latitude XT, making it the first multitouch laptop.  Early this year, Apple refreshed its professional line of laptops, Macbook Pro, and the Macbook Air with multitouch pads enable very much the same functionality as the iPhone and iPod Touch. 

We'll definitely see the rest of the computer industry fall in line as they clamor for the attention of consumers and businesses.  There will be fantastic claims but Onxo will do its best to help sort through this. 

Note:  Already some mobile device makers has described some of their phones to be multitouch but the meaning of it escapes me.  While I applaud the efforts put into these phones, their definition of "multi-touch" apparently is not the same as the one used to described the iPhone's capability.  I do expect true multi-touch functions to come from other companies shortly. 

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