VP Pick Via Text Messaging

Just want to pass this along.  Regardless if whether you're are a Senator Barack Obama supporter or a Senator John McCain supporter, this is kind of exciting and as far as we know, the first.  

Senator Obama, the presumptive Presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, has decided on his running mate but is trying to keep it a secret and wants only YOU to know first.  You and thousands if no millions of folks who signed up with his campaign on the Internet to receive updates through text messaging.

The name of his VP candidate will be text out in the next 24 hours.  If you're interested in this historic occasion, you can sign up to get the text message here.

It's just something to do if you've got nothing else going on this weekend...you're chilling by the pool and bleep!  You pick up your Sidekick, iPhone, and/or Blackberry.  Oh, Obama pick...

Update (12:50PM PST):  There are going to be quite a few updates between now and then.  All of them fake.  Look at the address to make sure you're getting the real thing.  CNN reports.
Note:  Onxo is not endorsing anyone.  But from a mobile stand point, this is just a glimpse of what the future will be like in politics.  Want to vote with your mobile device one day and forget about those hackable election boxes?  Could happen!


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