Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week in Mobility Review

We had expected a short week but we did get some sign of life from the Android camp and it was not all good news.  In fact, there was no good news except a vehement statement from HTC affirming an Android-based phone for 2008.  This came about after it was revealed that Android is only 80% complete and defection of support.  But Onxo is looking at this as growing pain and it's good Google address problems before they become issues with users later.  Besides, failure for Android is not an option for Google.  One option for Google may be the fabled gPhone. 

Onxo kept watch on the Department of Homeland Security's search and seizure directive at US borders even without cause.  We will follow up this week on more information.  We believe that while mainstream media has passed on this, it is an important subjective that requires transparency. 

Also, iPhone is finally getting new competition in the form of Blackberry Bold and Thunder.  Bold was made available this last week in some countries and Thunder may be available on October 13 from Verizon.  Is that enough?  iPhone is being hailed as a great mobile gadget with a lot of potential for mobile gaming.  We're wondering if Apple knows that.

Going into next week, we'll continue watching security issues, the Beijing Oympics and mobility, and focus on energy costs impacting mobile warriors. 

Here is is what we talked about on Onxo this week:
Here are some mobile tips/advices from Onxo this week:

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