Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update and the Week Ahead

This weekend was suppose to be a slow one but the Department of Homeland Security gave us something to talk about.  A recent court decision ruled in favor of DHS' contention that laptops and other digital media were fair game, just like other luggage, subject to checks at US borders.  Thus, a disturbing directive from DHS has granted Customs agents the ability seize laptops and its data.  In fairness, it is an attempt to stop terrorists and contraband smugglers.  Of course, the government has yet to say anything about the same data they seize for analysis, whether it contains legal or illegal information, coming into the country through the Internet.

During the week, Onxo blasted IOC's capitulation to Beijing for allow the Communist government to redefine the meaning of free press for the rest of the world.  We also offered some important information for mobile warriors go overseas for business or leisure who may also be subject to espionage.  The same information also how applies to the new directives from DHS.

On lighter matters, we discussed the following:

Onxo Mobile Tips:
For the coming week, we'll discuss more about natural disaster preparations for mobile workers.  We'll sharing with you the changes in telecommuting for the American workforce.    This matter with the Department of Homeland Security will remain a focus and we want to make sure things are as they appear and report the facts before we overreact (we might do just for the fun of it).  

Also, we're hoping for more information from Blackberry, Samsung, and Sony on what's ahead for them for the month of August/September.  Microsoft missed their Windows Mobile sales target.  We think Redmond bares watching and not just what new iPods Apple may or may not be waiting in the wings.  

We want to know more about Android and what apps we can expect.  Maybe we'll have some comparisons with what the iPhone apps offering are so far.  

See you Monday!

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