Friday, August 1, 2008

Wireless Networks: A Long March Towards Openness

In another sign the wireless market is evolving and the change to resistance is taking place, an application by Nullriver Inc. released a iPhone App called NetShare that allows the iPhone to share its network connection with your laptop.

No one was more surprised than we were to hear the inclusion of this application.  Just as we were about to go online to download this, we found it unavailable.  A quick check at MacRumors showed that the application was taken off iTunes.  So far there is no word or explanation from Apple.  The developer is also in the same boat users are.  They have not heard from Apple.

We, like everyone else, thought it was natural for Apple and its wireless partners to have an agreement on exclusion of apps that allow users to share wireless connection between the iPhone and other mobile devices.  While this action by Apple may mean AT&T will not allow tethering, some US providers and global wireless providers do allow tehtering.

Note:  While we applaud the control being taken away from the wireless overlords that has impeded progress and the freedom of consumers for years, we don't like to see control go to content and application gatekeepers either.  Okay, some might already be saying that because Apple has tied iTunes and the iPhone so closely that we already have a new wireless overlord.  It's not an argument Onxo disagree with.

Impact:  AT&T wireless tethering has to come.  It makes sense to have it.  We'll have to wait and see where this all heads in the coming days.  I'm sure we'll hear something over the weekend.

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