Friday, August 1, 2008

Zune Surprise?

We were surprised last year when Apple let loose the iPod Touch.  Even exclusive iPhone partner, ATT, was surprised by the move.  Gadget lovers and the media are now wary of anything that Apple might be up to.

We're on to you, Cupertino!

While we're look in one direction, no one seems to be watch what the others might do.  Sony, Nokia, Samung, LG pulling a surprise?  Please.  Nintendo with it's impressive/sagging DS sales ('bout 80 million sold world-wide).  Not a chance.  DS has lots of a milage left.

But Microsoft? Hmm...

Of all the major mobile players, Microsoft is one with the most to lose in the global war for mobile supremacy.  It's also one that has been continuously outmaneuvered by former upstart Google and fight off a resurgency from Apple on mobile, music, and PC fronts.

Last year, Ballmer denied Microsoft would bring Zune into the mobile communication war.  Then last week, the Electronista reported Jupiter analyst Michael Gartenberg chimed in with a "no Zune phone".

When everyone is denying that it could happen and looking else where, it's easy for Microsoft to sneak something past everybody.  We're just saying...standard Zune refreshes is not going to get folks excited.  Fine. If not a Zune phone, then a multi-touch Zune with Internet and gaming capability with downloads like an app store might just do the trick might just spice things up a bit.

Note:  Onxo is not saying we're likely to see something from Microsoft.  But we are saying no one is watch what Microsoft has been up to lately.  MS is fighting on many fronts and now is a good time for it to bring out a new unexpected arsenal and get folks excited about Microsoft again.  Just not this.

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