Friday, September 26, 2008

256GB SSD - Definitely A Game Changer

We've talked about game changers a lot this summer.  Here's another:  Toshiba's 256GB

It offers 120MB per sec read and 80MB per sec write.  Not bad.  At the same time, they also came out with 8-32GB models as well.

The 256GB model offers much improvements include wear over earlier models.  Electronista has no info on price and availability just yet but we're sure this is not just for any averge Joe mobile warrior like myself.

However, just as we've said before, it's worth it if you've got deep pockets.  A month ago, we reported Dell offer the 128GB SSD option for $450.  We don't claim to know what Toshiba's 256GB version will cost but data is data.

When the Macbook Air was released, the 64GB option was about $1000 that dropped to $500 in months.  We'll have a better picture of performance and costs once more and more laptops sport SSD.

64GB SSDs can be purchased for $210.  Prices are dropping rather quickly.  Definitely a worth consideration.

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