Thursday, September 4, 2008

3G Adoption Higher In the US than EU

That's right.  As reported by Electronista, with a 28.4% 3G penetration, the United States now has a higher rate of wireless broadband than Europe at 28.3%.

What's significance is that only little more than a year ago, the percentage of US 3G devices stood only at less than 17%.

With new 3G devices soon to be on the market, the awareness brought into the consumer mind set by the iPhone 3G and, to some extent, Blackberries, we may see greater 3G adoption a year from now.

This is exactly what is needed for the US, the EU, or, for that matter, any other nation if they want a population with access to data through wireless broadband and potential skills to use it.

That's right.  I said "potential" skills.  Right now, broadband only means watching videos or downloading songs onto your phones.  For the iPhone, it means buying apps.  But new and more innovative mobile devices are needed.  Also, mobile warriors need to be trained to take advantage of the tools available.

Here's an analogy.  The roads are paved.  But we're still using horse carts.  All we need now are the cars and drivers who know how to operate them.

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