Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Analysis: PSP May Add Wi-Fi Store And Sony's Mobile Future

My question:  Can a PSP phone be too far behind?

Joystiq via PSP world speculated a forthcoming firmware for PSP will allow access to the Playstation Store.  This alone would be a great development not only in mobile computing and entertainment but if executed well and Sony does decide to take this a step further, we have a very powerful entry into the mobile market in general.

In addition to access to the Playstation Store, this PSP firmware will have an improved RSS reader and the ability to take screen shots.

Lets take this a step further and use this opportunity to analyze Sony's options going forward.   We already know Sony is wavering on Windows Mobile (with MW 7 possibly delayed until 2010) and is flirting with Android.

So Sony has two options.
  • create a PSP phone with it's own ecosystem and not have to rely on another for OS.  A true PSP phone.
  • create an app a la Amazon with with PSP emulation and access to the Playstation Store on a Sony branded phone..  With this option, it would exchanging reliance from Microsoft to Google.  Lesser of two evils?
These are options and speculation on my part but it would being a mobile convegence that we at Onxo advocates.  And surely, the powers that be at Sony has to have thought out what we laid out, or along similar lines.  A true mobile device for work, play, and Sony's unique design.  Tell me you wouldn't want a Xperia running Android.

The risk for Sony would be leveraging its PSP and Playstation properties and execution in an effort to create a mobile solution that rivals what Apple's iPhone, Android, and Microsoft are trying to create.

I have analyzed a similar option for Microsoft using Zune to create a mobile platform.  It is coming as well because it makes sense.  The ability for these mobile giants to create a complete mobile solution for its army of mobile warriors.

Via Joystiq

Note: I am blogging directly on the iPhone and hiding from the weird humid heat in southern California at a Ralphs.  I love being mobile.

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