Monday, September 22, 2008

Android Pre-Launch News (Updated Monday 9-22-08)

I'm sure by now, you know about September 23rd, when Google, T-Mobile, and HTC will be showing off the first ever gPhone, aka HTC Dream, aka G1.

I know this for sure.  Look for open warfare between the Google and Apple fan camps in the coming days.   The companies aren't likely to go at it publicly but don't think the fan blogs won't.

There will be a fight for the minds and hearts of developers and those who can boast the most number of apps may influence some mobile warriors who are looking to go with an iPhone, Blackberry, or Dream.  

If I'm T-Mobile, this would be a part of my pitch:  I'm not ATT and now, I've got something that is like the iPhone.

Observation (9/22):  
  • No one seems concerned about security.  Malware and such.  This is something we need to be concerned about tomorrow.
  • I want to know what kind of deal HTC and Google has with T-Mobile.  If there is going to be a catch, it's T-Mobile here.  Already, I'm not a fan of T-Mobile's jailhouse app store.
  • Macrumors chimps in; one iPhone developer says no to Android.  Read why. (Updated 9/22)
  • RCR Wireless is "excited" about Android; wants a hammer build in? (Updated 9/22)
  • ZDNet explains how Apple is helping making Android a success.  I think Apple is...a bit (Updated 9/22)
  • Onxo on Verizon's no contract service, this may help Android more than anyone else  (Updated 9/22)
  • Time Magazine believes Google's dream is Apple's nightmare. (Updated 9/22)
  • CRN proposes waiting one generation before buying a gPhone.  It's those things about Android Wwe naturally don't know about.  The same can be said about the iPhone.  However, the Android could be offereing the flexibility even the iPhone isn't.  it will all depend on what kind of deal HTC, and Google has with T-mobile. (Updated 9/22)
  • Very interesting observations from jkontherun about Android.  Recommended read (Updated 9/22)
Last Week(end):
  • Engadget reports G1 is live on T-Mobile's website.
  • TmoNews has information on when T-Mobile's 3G networks are going to be switched on.
  • Android Community with some really good pics of the G1 in use.
  • Android Guys speculates on what's next for Android.
  • Android Guys' very disappoint article on developers leaving Apple for Google.  While I agree that Apple should open up about its plans, there is simply nothing compared to the iPhone and its ecosystem.  Talk later when Android actually starts to strive, guys.  
  • Electronista counters with Android facing difficulties finding developers and security concerns. (Updated Sat)
  • Apple Matters throws in some biased look at the first Android phone.  
  • Appleinsider on Android phone and T-Mobile's data pricing.
  • Info Week on T-Mobile's developer access to the app store.
  • Onxo believes app store growth is going to be bigger than anyone believes.
  • Onxo thinks T-Mobile should go back and redo their app store philosophy.
  • Sci-Tech Today's thoughts and comparison if Android phone to the iPhone.
  • PC World wonders about HTC, T-Mobile, and Google's chances.
  • CNet News says Google quiet before Android launch.
  • Mobile Ent reports Android phones could achieve 4% of smartphone market.  It's about what the iPhone has for 2008 - roughly 10 million phones.
  • WebWorkerDaily discusses factors to consider about Android phones.
  • Ostatic thinks the first Android phone is a novelty.  Speculates on what future devices on Wimax is like.
  • Onxo - Android is coming on the 23rd.  Mark the date on your iCal.
  • Gizmodo gives reasons to be excited/unexcited about Android.  (updated Sat)
  • MacDailyNews provides a take on Android from an Apple perspective. (updated Sat)
  • Macworld predicts no iPhone-like lines for Android-based G1. (updated Sat)

Live Event Coverage:
  • Android Community, Crunchgear, Engadget, Gizmodo, AndroidGuys (if you know more, let us know)
This will be updated through Monday night as development warrants.  Don't forget.  9/23.

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