Monday, September 22, 2008

Android: T-Minus 10.5 Hours

Six hundred and 20 minutes left until the G1 press event.

And the T-Mobile G1 site is up.  Visit to see for yourself.

Starts 10:30am EST.  For once, it's cool living on the West Coast as far as waiting for announcements are concerned.

You can click on the buttons but I suppose they won't go live until tomorrow morning.  Well, it did say "All site content and information about the T-Mobile G1 With Google will be available shortly after the press conference is complete".

So, there you have it.  Could be a game changer.  Eventually.

Here are some last minute details to keep track of from these sites:

  • TmoNews :  Some confirmed details about spec.  I'm looking for certain Google apps but they were not part of it, like blogger.  Oh well.  They also have some shots of G1.  I have to say, only based on what's on available on the Web, the phone does not a bit plastic-ish.  Not polished, not like the iPhone or the Bold.  Of course, these leaked photos could just have pre-production units.
  • Android Community speculates the CPU for G1 may be dual core.  
  • Please also visit our Pre-Launch post for relevant Android news and analysis to hold you over until tomorrow.  We listed some gadgets sites that will be blogging live from the event for anyone who will not be able to watch the event live.  I'll provide them in the morning once those sites are hot.
I've also started moving most Android posts over to On Android , another blog I started to talk about all things Android.

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