Monday, September 22, 2008

Android: We Welcome All Apps

Just over the weekend, another app was rejected by Apple for the iPhone.

I am still waiting a bit longer to chime in as I think Apple deserves the benefit of the doubt on this issue given my opinion that their policies and practices are still in beta as far as I am concerned.  Albeit, a beta program with serious miscues and issues to resolve.

However, I don't see this to be an issue with Android given Google's attempt get the ball rolling on the rest of the industry.  Remember, tomorrow 10:30am EST is when we'll get an idea what the first Android phone will look like, what it'll do (we know what it can do - it's T-Mobile we have to worry about), and when it'll be available.

Even if you're not out to get an Android phone, this mobile device and, if done correctly, mobile platform can change everything we do today, possible more than the iPhone if Apple insists in losing any kind of lead in the app development momentum by not fixing the media perceived walled-garden.

  • Open system.  This will depend on the wireless carrier.  However, given that Google and others are working on white space and the push for open network, I think Google has done more than anyone else to give wireless mobile warriors the ability to roam free on-the-go.
  • It's not a smartphone.  Like the iPhone and iPod Touch platform, the Android is more of a computing device with communication functions than it is a smartphone.  So, it has the ability to extend its reach beyond handhelds and Internet devices.  
  • Given Google's push to recruit Asus into using Android, we made see Android in EEE PC soon if it works out.  Onxo has said before anyone who allows their app to run on computers in addition to their mobile device will have a lead in the hearts and minds of users when they know the apps they buy can work at home, work, and anywhere else they might be.
  • This will for others to react.  In any market, if you're able to get others to react and play by your rules, you've done something right.
So, stay tuned for tomorrow.  But more and more, I'm seeing big things from Android.  

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