Breaking News: DOW now down 500

The United States House of Representatives rejected Bail-Out plan with a 228-205 vote, defying a plea from the White House for rebellious GOP members to support the plan.  It's an election year after all with a President winding down his second term.

As a result, the market was down as much as 700 points.

Ouch...not mobile news but important news for everyone.  The larger macro situation could impact mobility in the long run.

Feds also pumped $630 billion into the financial system to stem shock.  Crude down $11 at this point.

  • CNN Money reports pay checks could be affected.
  • Forbes asks "now what?
  • Forbes on subpoenas for the Fannie folks.
  • WSJ reports Wall Street asks financial community to act.
  • Yahoo News on fallout.
Just as well mobility, I think this is an issue we'll inject into Onxo's posts as it affects pretty much everyone (I doubt billionaires follow what we say her).  We'll return with posts, analysis, and links that directly affect Main Street mobile warriors.


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