Thursday, September 25, 2008

Buying Refub Mobile Devices

I've owned three different Powerbooks  and a Sony Viao since college.  Powerbook 500, Powerbook 1400cs, Vaio 505TS, and Powerbook Aluminum.  It's time for another one I'm afriad, as much as I love my current powerbook.

And among those four laptops, two of those were refub units.  The Powerbook 1400CS and this Powerbook Al.  Now, I'm trying to device if I should go with a new unit or another refub unit.

This is my reason for going for with a refub unit.  It's been broken and then fixed.  It's been tested.  It now works.  Also, it's cheaper.

I don't have a lot of experience with refub units outside of Macs but with the Macs I have dealt with, they are excellent. And on average, 20% cheaper than retail prices.

And with that kind of money saved, I'm talking about $200-300 dollars.  It's like getting a free copy of Adobe Creative Suite at a college computer store.  Not a bad deal really.

Six months ago, I bought an HP with an AMD-powered laptop for my mom to do her own design work.  retail was $1200 and we got it for $800, a 33% saving.  It has worked beautifully since and continues to power her Slingbox addictions when she's not using it.

So consider a refub and be proud of the smart decision you will have made.  By the way, the refub products from Apple all come with the same one-year warranty as new products.  Now, that's saying something about their products.

I'm not trying to sell anything but the concept of tested machines that have been made to work with a great degree of certainty and you save money in the process.

Plus, in these economic times, any kind of savings helps.

Note:  If you are consider a Mac, Apple is in the midst of their upgrade cycle.  Consensus is that Apple will be upgrading their Macs and lowering prices on new units which means refub Mac prices will drop even more.  iPods are also on sale as well.

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