Thursday, September 25, 2008

CA Outlaws Texting While Driving

The governator is on a roll.  After signing a long delayed California state budget, he puts icing on the cake with a ban on texting while driving.

It's funny because a couple of months ago, we had just banned talking on the phone while driving.  I figured texting was included in that ban as well.  However, use of hands-free devices is fine.

However, penalty is light.  The first offense is $20 to be followed by $50 for any subsequent violation.

For mobile warriors who are addicted to texting and have to answer ever text back right away, consider that the recent Metrolink crash that killed 25 people may be the result of texting by the engineer.

This measure was back by insurance companies and cyclists.  Surprisingly, cell phone companies have also back this measure.  Guess who's missing?  Wireless providers.  They want you to keep texting.

You know, a service that really should be free or at the very least not cost $20 a month.

Note:  Since hands-free devices are legal, this would be a great opportunity for innovation to use voice-commands to access and create texting.

Source:  LA Times

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