Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cops Like iPhone and Toughbooks

So, as a police officer, you figure you have your badge, nightstick, whistle, and your trusty six-shooter.  That was yesterday.  Today, you gotta have your iPhone and Panasonic Toughbook!  At least the police officers in DC, according to Wired, carry those in their cruisers.

After testing out a few smartphones from Blackberry and Nokia and the iPhone, DC police decided the iPhone was the easiest way to go to integrate police work and public safety.  After testing out 75 iPhones in areas of education, public work, and healthcare, they realized using consumer devices was the cheaper and more efficient way to go.

On top of that, Toughbooks from Panasonic, once the domain of personnels of Stargate Command, allow officers to enter data and look up pertinent information, saving them a lot of time.  The Toughbooks are also connected to the 700Mhz network allowing for fast wireless broadband.

My friends, these guys are the true mobile warriors along with the digital forces in our military.  Here's hoping even quicker and more efficient integration with mobile technology.

Thanks and be safe on the streets, guys.

Source:  Wired

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