Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CTIA - What Teens Want In A Mobile Life

CTIA in a press release reported on results from a focus group of teens ranging from 13-18 years old who discussed what they want from wireless providers, service providers, and their mobile devices.

Certainly, all parties concerned at the fall show has much going for them going forward in the future as this group of youth relies on wireless access to optimize their social and private lives.  

According to the survey, the focus group was polled with the following results:

  • 57 percent of teens view the mobile phone as central to their social life
  • 47 percent say that their social life would be negatively impacted if they were no longer able to use text messages
  • 42 percent reveal that they can type text messages while blindfolded
  • Teens' ideal mobile device of the future integrates features such as phone, MP3 player, GPS, laptop computer and video player
What is clear to companies from this result is the need to create a comprehensive set of social tools that will tie the teens into their services.  It is also important that the services and platforms be versatile enough to work from one wireless provider to another like texting does.

Yesterday, we posted on the results from CTIA's of a poll of more than 2000 teens on what they use their mobile phones for.  

From today's release and the results from yesterday's survey point to a very obvious conclusion:  the tools are there to foster the talents and energies these teens have.  Whether it is education (most want access to wireless education) and speaking to teens about future prospects (they also want to be updated on issues pertinent to their lives - not just what Hanna Montana is up to), educators, parents, and civic leaders have a gateway to the lives of their youths to educate them for the twenty-first century.

Technology, specifically wireless tech, is making this possible.  Will we see a more educational impact in these youth's wireless lives?  Let us know what you think and suggests on how this will work?

First suggestion that comes to mind with the recent mobile developments:  developers should create more educational apps as these children snap up iPod Touches and Sidekicks.  We'll discuss what kind of apps later that can help these teens with both their educational and social lives.

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