EEE PC With 3G - What Onxo Predicted All Along

We did not predict this because we're geniuses.  It's just a natural progression.  And we're so glad to see it realized.

EEE PC, model 901 with Intel's Atom for a brain and up to 8 hours of battery, will have 3.75G HSUPA internet connection.  No word on network, price, or anything that will affect purchasing decisions at this moment.  We'll keep watch over this.

Why?  What good is a laptop without adequate battery life?  Well, in recent years, we've gone from two to about 5 hours now.  Not bad.

But in the 21st Century, what good is a laptop to a mobile warrior who has to literally compete without an always on connection to the Internet and all the information he or she needs to stay on top of the game.  Never mind the entertainment aspect on top of this as well.

Of course, EEE PC is not the first.  Dell already has a deal with Vodafone to sell its Mini 9 with a service plan.  Acer's Aspire One is also in the game.

We think 2009 will be huge for netbooks that have 3G connectivity.  We also think we'll see more deals like Dell and Vodafone as well.  It also makes sense for Wi-Fi to get into the game.  These netbooks are priced low enough to be subsidized by the wireless providers.

It makes sense for someone to get in on this quickly.  My guess for the US market:  Sprint with WiMax or Verizon who boasts the biggest 3G network in the US.

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