Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google's Chrome on Android

That was quick.  And inevitable.  So, Google's Webkit browser, Chrome, will be coming to Android.  Just not right away.  Cnet News reported that although Google developed Chrome and Android separately, so the two projects were not tied together, Chrome or Chrome-like features will be gracing Android at some time in the future.

So far, what I've seen does not sway me one way or another.  It is still rough and, if this follows the footsteps of other Google projects, it'll be in beta for a while.

Furthermore, Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, does not seem sure when it'll happen and how different the current Android browser, also Webkit-based, is going to be from mobile Chrome.

So, why is this important?  Webkit.  That is why.

Google is a big supporter of Firefox and likely will continue to be a sponsor despite having their own browser now.  However, potential increases in popularity of Webkit-based browsers, including Apple's Safari, may come at the expense of Firefox's rate of adoption.

At the present time, we can't say how mobile warriors may be affected by Chrome.  Google Gears for Safari was just released and certainly with Chrome, the ability to access data offline is a boon for mobile workers and growth may accelerate.  But it remains to be seen if Firefox will continue to receive the same attention as Chrome from Google.

And the ultimate browser to be affected by Webkit browsers is Internet Explorer.  Any loss in market-share by IE is going to come from Firefox and, maybe, Safari until Chrome is out of beta and ready for users.  Nevertheless, those who are looking to make a break from Microsoft even if they're on a Windows machine will not have another choice.

Who would have guessed there would still be a browser war today. Isn't competition grand?

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