iPods Next Week

Okay, by now, you should know Apple has scheduled an event where Steve Jobs will in unveiling the 2008-09 iPod lineup. 

We will not be getting into it anymore until it's actually out.  What a lot of non-Apple watchers do not know is what fans do that do.  What do they do?  Nothing.

Apple mobile warriors sit at their cubicles, with their iPhones in hand, or take the morning off to watch a variety of "live" blogs from SF where Steven Jobs will unveil all new fruity products.

It's an interesting experience.  I have not gone to an event but I can imagine the kind of excitement if your life or work revolves around technology.  Heck, it's even fun if it's just an indulgence from time to time. 

We'll be back on Monday with a follow-up on how you can get in on this craze for Tuesday's even at 10am PST.  Get your popcorn, midday tea, sit back, and experience this just once.  And this is especially important if you're in the market for a new iPod this Holidays.

What's expected?  Well, the theme is "Let's Rock".  So, iPods are 99% sure to be updated.  No one know what else we might expect. 

Note:  I'm hoping for an Apple TV with iPhone integration so I can play my iPhone games on there.  Seriously, that's all I want.  Maybe subscription for all music, TV, and movies too.  But that's asking too much.


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