Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update For September 11, 2008

He said, she said.  Just not sure who's who, though.  Oh, I'm talking about Apple and NBC publicly declare neither of them gave ground in NBC coming back to the iTunes.  It's difficult to say because two or three years ago, I would not hesitate to say it was NBC that acquiesced to Apple's line.  Now, I'm not so sure.

Here's why this is important:  flexibility on the part of Apple may mean traditional Jobsian dogmas and disclipline that has guided Apple's turnaround in the last ten years is giving way to something to resembles practicality.  By no means is Apple no longer Apple of old.  In fact, it is my opinion that Apple has learned from troubles in the last two months and has emerged more confident and seasoned going forward.

Apple may have realized the challenge is not going to come from Zune or Blackerry but itself.  And this flexibility may be a sign of that realization.  Now, Apple is also paying attention not to its core fans but has its eyes set on market shares.

In baseball terms, Jobs realized Apple doesn't have to throw fast balls all the time.  Curves and knuckballs are just fine in some instances.  I feel more change in the coming months.

But don't, folks.  Cupertino will still protect us from the two-button mouse.

iPhone-Ipod Update:

  • T-Mobile provided details of its app store.  Onxo thinks it should be back to the drawing board, throw it away, and get a new drawing board and start it all over again.  T-Mobile may hurt itself more based on what we're reading.  And this is coming from a T-Mobile fan.
  • Onxo talks about app store environment and what developers and consumers should consider.
  • If you have not downloaded Yahoo's oneConnect app, please do.  If you do any type of messaging, e-mailing, or other "cloud" activities with Yahoo, you won't want to miss it.
  • Macworld on iPhones disruption in the enterprise sector and hard to beat $200 price.  Must read.
  • TUAW reports strong iPhone sales in the UK.  
  • Apple Matters has some though about iPhone in the grand smartphone scheme.  Good read.  As for winning, Apple will have won if it forces others to react and provide an ever elusive moving target.
Mac Update:
  • Oh, guess what?  I'm still using my old Mac because it's the middle of October yet.  
  • Macnn reports Apple has made great strides in the notebook arena.  How much?  Please read.

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