Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for September 3, 2008

Let's Rock.  Apple wants you to do just that less than a week from today.  So, we know what we're getting next week on Tuesday, 10AM, right?  Just a bit of a preview on what Apple and Steve Jobs will be presenting us.

First, they'll recap what a success the iPod has been.  How well the iPod Touch has been received, maybe. But if they do stress about the iPod Touch, we may see more advanced versions than a simple storage upgrade.

Also, we'll hear about how the iPhone 3G is faring world-wide.  And if you're in the stock market, be prepared for a volatile session.  Great for you day-traders.

Speculations heated up today and will pick up by Thursday or Friday.  Monday will be unsually quiet but once in a while, you get a wild one out of nowhere.

  • New iTunes
  • New services like subscriptions or HD.
  • New OS update
  • New iPods
We're only certain about the iPods.  As for the rest, we don't know.  But we mentioned it because we care about your investments.  If you're in the market for new mobile gears and is considering Apple products, just wait until Tuesday.  
We don't think we'll get more than new iPods but just to play it safe, we recommend waiting.  We love to be surprised with Macs or a completely new product, again, we don't think it's going to happen.   We'll see new Macs soon but not next week.  And we don't think we'll see a brand new product this fall.
Think Macworld 2009 for anything new.
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • MacRumors has iLounge's supposedly new dimensions of the new iPod Nanos and Touches.
  • iPhone Matters has some information about Nokia's new music service for their phones.  Earlier, there were talks between Nokia and Microsoft on making Zune Marketplace accessible to Nokia phones.
  • Macnn reports app to allow for the iPhone to control and monitor home appliances or devices.
  • Onxo talks about tab implementation for mobile browsers like Safari on the iPhone.
Mac Update:
  • Not directly Mac news but Yahoo News reports stocks fell today due to holiday spending.  Yes, the economy is a big factor but so is giving folks a reason to buy your product.  Apple has said it'll innovate it's way out of any economic trouble.  We think it's possible to do just that (commentary from Onxo on Dell's dismal earnings).
  • Roughlydrafted on Snow Leopard.
  • Google's blog on Chrome.  If you didn't already know.  Chrome is Google's web browser based on the same web engine your favorite browser, Safari, uses.  It even has its own comic book.  Take that, Jobs!
  • Onxo believes Apple with break new grounds by not creating a netbook but something totally different.  

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