Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for September 9, 2008

It's finally here.  'Nuff said.  Watch the keynote here from Apple.  I've also included some noted links from other Mac-centric sites that has to do with the iPod Touch.

As expected, we're not blown away by the mysterious new device because there was none. Nor were we expected to be impressed by the new Macbooks because, once again, we're forced to wait a few more weeks.

But like I was saying in Onxo's regular mobile update, it's good to see Jobs looking less sickily...

And by far, Gizmodo did the best coverage today.  Engadget gets honorable mentions.  I started the day following eight different "live" blogs and ended with just these two.

iPhone-iPod Update:

  • Gizmodo has a brief hands-on for the iPod Touch.  Feels good, don't it?
  • Apple has new headphones for $79 for in-ear listening.  Also new items are headsets with recording and armbands.  Not sure if the in-ear headphones will feature recording as well.
  • iPhone-iPod Touch 2.1 update available.  $10 for iPod Touch folks.  Tip:  If you want wait and don't want to be ripped off, see if there are new features on the next update for iPod Touch users.  This $10 increment just isn't right despite the accounting excuse.  Anyway, Gizmodo has the link.
  • Crunchgear has info and pics of the earphones.
  • HD TV shows are now available through iTunes.  NBC (Battlestar Galatica) is back!
  • App Store has 3000 apps, 600 games, 100 million downloads.
  • Want a video preview of the new iPod devices today?  Here you go.
  • iPod Touch 8GB $229 (old price:  $299), 16GB $299 - BEST VALUE (old price:  $399), 32 GB $399 (old price:  $499)  - regardless of which Touch model you buy, you're getting more features (1st gen was beta in my opinion and to avoid siphoning off iPhone sales) more memory for a $100 off last gen's prices.  Note:  If you're interested in last gen's refub units, the 16GB and 32GB units offer the best value compared to today's new offerings. The reason being that if you pay $10 more over today's new 8GB model, you can buy a refub 16GB unit and if you pay $20 more over today's 16GB offering, you get can get a refub 32GB model.
Mac Update:

  • CNet reports NBC will be able to bundle their own shows and has flexibility on pricing.  I think this is great.  It doesn't who was what.  iTunes customers win.
  • Apparently, Steve Jobs is healthy enough to schedule another event to showcase new mobile versions of Macs and whatever mystery product we won't see.  So, the wait continues.
  • New iTunes, Quicktimes, iPhone/iPod 2.1 update, MobileMe, and Front Row updates.

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