Monday, September 8, 2008

Mac Update for September 8, 2008

At the beginning of this post, we are a mere 16 hours from Jobs' iPod-keynote.  What to expect?  Onxo has some educated guesses, what we might see, and what we're definitely not going to see.

News today on the mobile front:  Spore is finally out for the iPhone.  Now, this is Spore Origins, not the full game.  In fact, I was trying to weigh the difference between the DS version and the iPhone version but we can't since EA has decided to only give us half a game.  But we are (will be) paying only $10.

Looks like there is a compromise after all.  I'm guessing the DS version will be more fun even if the iPhone is supposedly more power than the DS and as powerful as PS2 and the original Xbox.

We'll play it a bit and give you a thorough review, not a rushed one later on.

iPhone-iPod Update:

  • MacWorld: iPhone Raises Bar on Smartphones.  Onxo maintains the iPhone is a mobile platform with the ability to make phone calls.  It is more than a smartphone.  The fact that it is lumped in with smartphones is a disservice to the platform, platforms like it, and to mobile users.  And I think Apple probably agrees with Onxo on this one.  
  • Onxo says WiMax deserves your attention.  Even if our iPhones don't support it, it might make its way into your home.
  • Onxo reports Zune is on sale.  Please read about new features.  I guess Microsoft is done for the year as far as Zune goes.  However, we get a better picture of Microsoft may be taking Zune and other entertainment efforts like the Xbox.  
  • In our Onxo's mobile update, we discussed the Gartner report on a slowdown in smartphone adoption.  We think the report, which caused a general stock drop for device makers including Apple, really was a disservice to mobility in general.
  • iLounge reviews RSS readers for the iPhone.  Head over to see what they say.  I've been using Google's reader.  Works well enough.
  • iPhone Atlas discusses potential causes to the slow iPhone backups with iTunes.
Mac Update:

  • Appleinsider on Macbook Air update.  Not working as well as expected.
  • Still waiting for my new know, the ones that Apple is holding back until next week or the week after...or next month...or whenever they think I've suffered enough.  

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