Microsoft: No One Else to Blame But...

Well, initially, we discussed that we will not see Windows Mobile 7 until the second half of 2009 and devices even later.

Alas, that bit of bad news was even too optimistic.  Now, Ubergizmo and others are reporting the potential for WM 7 to slip into 2010.

What is going on?  Are we expected the next desktop to for Windows to actually ship on time?  I doubt it.

We are beginning to believe that the pressure in the mobile market has really gotten to the incumbents with the new comer, Apple's iPhone, and possibly Google's Android making waves with innovation and excitement that has not been see in the market since Palm bring PDA to the every day mobile warrior and Blackberries making e-mails easy.

What we do know is that Microsoft risks marginalizing itself with its partners, giving largely Android time and the second looks that it'll need to be viable in the market.

Yesterday, we discussed Motorola creating a 350-strong engineering team to develop Android devices and the possibility of Nokia looking at Android as well.  Perhaps Sony?

That leaves Microsoft with very little friends as it continues to slip behind its competitors.

We will know in the next few months if Microsoft's elusive delivery date for Windows Mobile will help Android or not.

Via Ubergizmo


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