Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mobile Update for September 10, 2008

CTIA announcements from the keynote are the highlights today.  Reade Onxo's post on what to expect between now and Friday.  No Android news as I was hoping.  According to Electronista, Google and T-Mobile will be teaming up for a special event to debut the first ever Android phone.  I guess I can wait a bit longer:  September 23rd.

So what of the show today?  There's quite a bit of mobile gaming and entertainment from Disney and ad moves for the iPhone and others.  Yahoo spoke about their oneConnect and made the app available now on the App Store.

CNet has pretty good coverage today's CTIA events.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Toshiba introduced their 240GB HD for devices like the iPod Classic.  Will we see a surprise update from Apple or Microsoft soon?  
  • Blackberry Sync has a video of the Thunder. (The video is currently not available.)  Crackberry's link works.
  • Coolsmartphone has information on Sony's Xperia X1 phone including when it'll become out (Sept 30).  Geez, all these rumors of delays.  Who's doing that?!  So far, no phone has been delayed.  Good sign for a strong 2008 finish.
  • Phone Arena on Sprint announcing Diamond and Touch Pro.
Unrelated to mobility as we know it today but this is worth note.  UberGizmos on a new solar technology that can cut cost by up to 75%.

Mobile Issues:

  • Onxo on standardizing computer, Internet, and mobile skills for students.
  • Onxo believes Apple has learned from its MobileMe and 3G mistakes.
  • Yahoo News reports on US Senate's interest in text messaging.  It's 'bout freakin' time!
  • Wired on Swype - new input method.  Really must read.
  • W2I has pushed a summary of wireless opportunities in government applications.

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