Monday, September 15, 2008

Mobile Update for September 15, 2008

The biggest news of the day is gotta be what Verizon is showcasing for its troops and to get them excited about the Blackberry Storm.  In releasing talking points, launch looks to be days away.

At last check, Verizon's Storm page is still not available.  Keep at it.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Crackberry has Verizon's Storm video!  Watch it before it gets taken down!
  • Joystiq says EA will offer more mobile games of Eidos franchises.  
  • Daily Tech:  Bestbuy scoops up Napster.
  • Yahoo News reported ATT wants to connect iPhone to U-verse.  Why not just release an app now, ATT?
  • Onxo reports on flexible polymer ereader.
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo on teen mobile habits and what the future holds.
  • GigaOM reports on changes in 4G rollout.  Deployment in places where there are demands first.
  • VM Ware gets into cloud computing.
  • Onxo discusses Yahoo's article on wireless providers seeking dominion over subscribers.
  • Onxo believes the app market is bigger than what anyone realizes.

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