Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mobile Update For September 17, 2008

Here's a very interesting development that you'll want to keep an eye on.  I hope Microsoft and Apple are watching this tool. Tucked away the the tail end of the VentureBeat article is a bit about Google warming up to Asus, the folks that brought us EEE PC.

By itself, EEE is becoming a brand on it's own.  Getting Android, a Linux variant, to run on the EEE PC is not difficult at all.  In fact, this is where Onxo expected Google had been going all along in addition it its move into the mobile realm.

We've got more analysis later.  I just want to direct you to our previous post about apps running on regular computers.  Just as we think apps for the iPhone will be running on Apple TV (well, it should).

(via Engadget, via Venturebeat)

Mobile Device Updates:
  • WebWorkerDaily discusses factors to consider about Android phones.  
  • Ostatic thinks the first Android phone is a novelty.  Speculates on what future devices on Wimax is like.
  • Winter is coming and if you're wearing your regular gloves, it will not work with your touch devices.  Well, Treo Central has some special gloves that are compatible with multiple devices.
  • Just a reminder:  Verizon's Storm is approaching.  The site has gone live and you can sign up for information.  Also, we think it's a bad idea that Blackberry is letting Verizon compare the Storm to the iPhone in a bid to stave off defections.
  • Wired reports on NY licenses with RFID tags.
  • Electronista reports Verizon's Storm will go head-to-head with T-Mobile's Dream next week.  This is going to be one cool week!
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