Monday, September 22, 2008

Mobile Update for September 22, 2008

It's quiet today.  Tomorrow, not so much as the anticipated debut of the first Android phone will likely rock the mobile industry.

We're likely going to get confirmation for things we already know about the device.  There is likely few surprises but I am going to go on a limb and say that we might see a $99-$150 entry for the device.  Why is that? From what we can tell, it uses technology and builds that HTC already uses in other similar looking devices all over the world.

We not talking about a whole lot of new development here except trying to get Android to work properly with existing hardware.  Keyword:  existing hardware.

Still, I'm likely going to get one even at $199.

Mobile Device Update:

  • BGR provides details on HTC Touch HD.
  • Yahoo News reports Sandisk trying to lower stock prices by introducing something no one will buy.  Samsung encourages move.
  • Onxo on Android's developer attitude.
  • Appleinsider reviews iPod Touch 2nd gen.
  • Gizmodo reports iRex update.
  • Engadget has specs on Blue-Ray equipped Vaio subnotes.
Mobile Issues Update:
  • Onxo analyzes Verizon's no contract service.  Could mean lower service plans and device prices.
  • Silicon Alley Insider on state of corporate email market share in 3 years.  As an iPhone fan, 16% seems quite good.  For I don't know if Microsoft will make the kind of gains stated.
  • Onxo discusses bill to protect our data privacy at borders.  Not effective at all.
  • Daily Wireless reports Wi-Fi ain't going anywhere.
  • Mobile Ent reports explosive growth in wireless subscriptions.  But growth will slow as the market marches towards five billion.  Not enough humans.  People just ain't having babies like they used to.  Here's a consequence of running out of people to sell to.  Look for wireless providers to provide folks with different reasons to have more than one number just like how some people have an e-mail for friends and family to spam and another online order e-mail for retailers to spam.  

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