Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mobile Update For September 23, 2008

Promise.  No Android news here.  Not directly.  I'll have of the day's event posted at On Android later.

Outside of the iPhone and 'Droid, it's the coming Storm.  Like that?  No word yet but we're thinking in the next week or so.  And RIM has nothing to worry with their launch.  Well, maybe 'cept for the price.

The other big news today comes out of Redmond.  Windows Mobile 7 will be delayed until the second half of 2009 but products should be available for the Holiday Seasons.  For other takes on this news, the follow sites have opinions, celebrations, and analysis.
Mobile Device Update:
  • Crackberry supposedly have final specs on Storm.
  • Daily Tech reports Eye-Fi addes more services together in one card - geotagging, Wi-Fi, and more services.
  • Symbian Freak on brainwave control of Nokia phone.  Seriously.  The next best thing since Bluetooth.
  • Silicon Alley Insider reports T-Mobile 3G cap is 1GB.  
  • Daily Wireless reports Motorola readies WiMax USB device.
  • Wired reports Amazon and Google works together on wireless music access.
  • Gizmodo reports Netflix signs deal with CBS and Disney (ABC) to air shows a day after broadcast.
  • Phone Arena a reports Palm delays OS.  Vegas to take bets on when Palm starts going Android.
Mobile Issues:

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