Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mobile Update For September 24, 2008

The biggest news today has to be Dell shifting all laptops screends to LED displays, a first as far as announcing goes.  Those laptops will start shipping in December.  Look for Apple to make a similar announcement as being the first by shipping in October.  Maybe.

Mobile Tip:

Mobile Device Update:

  • Liliputing reports new low-power GPU for netbooks.  Support 1080p playback.
  • GigaOM touches on what a cloud computer should be. (Must Read)
  • Blackberry Sync thinks ATT is feeling effects of Verizon's Storm.
  • Crackberry in leaked VW docs - VW plays on its strength too.  Largest 3G network in the US.
  • Ubergizmo says Sony launches new music service.
  • Engadget on hand crank PMP.  We also talked about using hand cranks to power your iPod.
  • Onxo on comparing G1 and the iPhone.
  • Onxo:  Android, party's over.  Now what?  First impressions and concerns.
  • CNet reports Broadcom wins again against Qualcomm.  Yahoo News also covers subject.
  • Appleinsider :  New Macs?  Well, according to placeholders for new Apple products, there are six spaces.  Three for the Macbooks, two for the 15" Macbook Pro, and 1 for the Macbook Pro 17".  It means two things:  No Macbook Air update and no secret product that will undermine competitors.  

Mobile Issues:

  • Yahoo News on a study about e-mail use after work.  Corporate overlords love it.  Drones don't have a choice. (Recommended Reading)
  • GigaOM on white space.
  • Onxo on fluid situation in mobile device convegence.
  • CNet reports Bush opposses RIAA backed bill.  Wow... 
  • Valley Wag on Google's cutting back on food.  Curtailing waste or economic woes?
  • Ars Technica on anti-counterfeit trade agreement - must keep this quiet, it's a secret negotiation.

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