Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mobile Update for September 25, 2008

I've been kind of harsh on Google lately.  Actually, just this last couple of days.  Well, since the G1 came out.  Here's why .

The big news today?  RIM down 15% in after market trading due to earnings shortfall and dismal outlook. We'll have more later but so far, economy, economy, economy...iPhone maybe.  Could be.  After all, they also see higher costs in devices.  Could be because they have to eat up a bit of the margin to compete with Apple?

However revenue does beat Wall Street consensus for the coming quarter.  Again, we'll have more later.

Mobile Device Updates:

  • Onxo's post-Android announcement report. 
  • Wired :  Slingbox to laptops.  In HD!
  • BGR has some great screen shots of Storm.  They were not impressed.  At least it does spreadsheet, something the iPhone doesn't.
  • Engadget has conceptual art of a WiMax handset.  It's okay.
  • Macrumors reports netbooks have unseated Macbooks from Amazon's top seller list.
  • Onxo about EEE PC's 3G connectivity on the 901 model.
Mobile Issues:
  • T-Mobile was really evil with their 1GB 3G cap for the G1.  Then they became less evil when they decided it was bad PR and did a vague spin on it.  Now, they even less evil (but still pretty bad by Lex Luthor standards) if they should actually open up T-Zone as reported by Yahoo News.  Then what do I care?  I'll probably go G1 soon.
  • Wired:  Google patent could make mobile contracts obsolete.
  • Techcrunch chimes in on Google's patent to get around wireless providers' draconian views of the world.
  • Onxo on buying refub models.
  • Onxo reports on the Governator outlawing texting while driving.
  • Onxo analyzes fluid situation in the mobile device market.

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