Friday, September 26, 2008

Mobile Update for September 26, 2008

Today's biggest issue has to be RIM's bad quarter.  There is not much to it except they have more expenses in light of market conditions and competitions.

Still, they are making millions and they're not like, you know, Palm.  I've got more details here.

Mobile Device Updates:

  • TUAW reports iPhone now available unlocked in HK.  Also expands into 20+ nations.
  • Onxo likes 256GB SSD from Toshiba.  
  • Yahoo News reports Nokia to unveil touch-screen phone.  RIM just can't catch a break.
  • Onxo likes it better if G1 looks like either one of these two phones.
  • Symbian-Freak reports Nokia working on in-door positioning.  Very nice idea.  Bring it to Disneyland.
  • BGR reports no Storm until Nov.

Mobile Issues:

  • Onxo :  What happened to RIM?
  • Onxo reports T-Mobile may open up crippled T-Zones.  iPhone and Google influence seen.
  • RCR Wireless reports on phones and cancer.
  • RCR Wireless reports on a report that by 2013, $600 billion worth of transactions will be made wirelessly.
  • Engadget asks if Apple should find new best friends.  Spotlight to be search engine one day?  I think it's a possibility.
  • Yahoo News reports Visa to bring payment app to Android.
  • Onxo believes G1 and T-Mobile has a lot of issues to resolve.  

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