Monday, September 29, 2008

Mobile Update for September 29, 2008

The biggest news today had to be WiMax going live in Baltimore.  It's far from covering all of the US but one city is better than zero.  At the same time, Sprint vows to limit what you can do on the network.  Basically, it's afraid of web hogs and competition (maybe no VOIP period).

  • Infoworld/Yahoo - Does WiMax work in the real world?
  • PC Magazine -  What you need to know about XOHM
  • Yahoo News - Sprint redefines wireless Internet (and definition of "unlimited") - MUST READ
Mobile Device Update:
  • The Inquirer reports chip companies gains up on Intel
  • Crunchgear in Apple's fall today.  Agrees with CG - Apple will not and should not stoop to netbook levels.  You and I and most mobile warriors might not be rich but there are plenty of them who will still spend.  Apple continues to open Apple stores.  I think they know something analysts don't about their customers.  
  • Onxo's musing includes Moto's Android team.  One of these days, we'll talk about Android and it'll really be about the likes of Commander Data than a mobile platform.  Don't know when but that day'll come.
  • Blackberry Sync says Best Buy to start selling Bold on October 26th.  BGR expects $600 a pop.  This is why RIMM expects expenses to go up in the coming financial quarters.
  • Unwired View reports Korean phone giants to not launch Android phones until 3rd quarter of 2009.
  • JkOnTheRun reports takeover target, Sandisk, introduced $100 microSD card with 16GB.
  • The Inquirer reports LG and Ericsson will work together to suppose wireless access to netbooks and laptops.
Mobile Issues:
  • Yahoo News gives state of battery tech for mobile devices.
  • Gizmodo on why Google's Android army phones will take over. (Good read - for lovers/haters)
  • RCR Wireless reports wireless providers confident they'll survive economic turbulence.
  • RCR Wireless reports handsets and mobile devices are important to the people.  Not worried about wholesale cancellations.
  • Daily Wireless reports the Trans-Pacific Express, a cooperative venture between telecoms, is completed.  Links US with China, Taiwan, and South Korea.  NTT will join network later this year.  Now WAN-parties more reliable and cyber attacks more deadly.  Just kidding about the cyber attacks - sort of.

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