Mobile Update For September 3, 2008

We've taken a few days off with mobile and iPhone updates but now we're back to give you nightly fills on the day's events in mobility.

So, it's now September.  Obviously.  So, what's on tap?   Android phones!  Just "phone".  September 17th is when currently T-Mobile customers may pre-order the phone.  However, there's no official word from T-Mobile or Google that we're aware of.

Also on tap next week is Apple's "Let's Rock" event on September 9 at 10AM PST.  We're expecting mere iPod updates.  Again, we hope we're wrong but we're simply not buying the hype that we may see a brand new product like a tablet or something.

Also, earlier this morning, ATT suffered wireless data outage on the East Coast and it was quickly restored.  Because the iPhone is in the mindset of the media, including Apple-centric sites, it was dubbed an iPhone outage but it actually affected all ATT-related devices.  Still, ouch.

Mobile Update:

  • So, yesterday, we received Google's Webkit-based Chrome.  We just found out from Phandroid that there will be mobile version of it.  It's quite obvious.  We've got a couple of suggestions on what we like to see in Chrome Mobile or Safari for the iPhone next.  Unlike the iPhone using only Safari, expect Chrome to be available for multiple platforms, not just Android.
  • We've heard of product placement in movies but books?  Read at Crackberry to see what it's all about.  
  • Onxo editorializes about Microsoft and Zune surprise.
  • TreoCentral reports Sprint to receive rose and green Centros.  I'll go with green.  
  • Microsoft with Skymarket for Windows Mobile 7.  It'll have to walk a fine line.
Mobile Issues:
  • Onxo talks about Gustav aftermath.  Wireless services were disrupted.  But who's to blame?  It's not who you think.
  • Onxo speculates whether slideout phones are the new flip-phones.  We think they're too thick.  But make them think like Motorola did with the Razr, you'll have a winner.
  • Onxo thinks Dell's bad earnings is more indicative of lack of innovation.  Can't blame it all on the economy.
  • Onxo wants laptops to be sold with broadband services.  Any mobile devices, not just phones, can benefit from subsidies.  Everyone wins.


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