Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mobile Update For September 4, 2008

No general mobile update today but rather a few items I want to share with you that might be of significant over the next few months.

First, even bad news is good news as afforded by Blackberry Sync.  According to Boy Genius Report, RIM's full screened Blackberry will be available on Verizon.  While that much is known, there will be about a month delay for some additional work to be done.  So, we're looking at November.  Realistically, I'd say December.

Still, wait and see.  A lot of folks have been wrong about T-Mobile's Android phone not seeing the light of day until 2009 and Sony's Xperia being pushed back even more.

That brings me to the second thing.  Sony's Xperia X1 will be available in October.  According to iXplora, it may cost $1100.  But hey, you get a choice of black or silver.

Thirdly, Ars Technica has information on this year's G1G1 of OLPC's new Windows XP XO.  Apparently, Amazon has been brought in to handle the sale.  If you remember, it was a disaster last year.  Lost orders, lost addresses, orders not filled.

I had ordered my in early December and it didn't show up until mid-Feb.  But I love the little guy.  Now, if they only make accessories like the hand-crank or solar chargers available.

Mobile Device Update:

  • Palminfocenter reports PalmGear has been relaunched.  That's right.  Palm.  This weekend, Onxo will get into its importance and what other moves Palm or Palm-related activities were made in the last months.
  • Chrome on Android.  Onxo's take.

Mobiel Issues:

  • Macsimum News reports on a study about the importance of Bluetooth for mobile devices.
  • Onxo discusses the significance of US 3G adption.

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