Mobile Update For September 9, 2008

The biggest news today is the new iPod line that Apple introduced at the "Let Rock" event in SF.  Two items of importance to mobile warriors from the event even if you're not an iPhone or iPod user.

  • Steven P. Jobs looks thin but well.
  • The new iPod Touch has a built-in speaker and has the ability to do voice recording through a microphone or a headset.  Why is this significant?  VOIP.  So what  you may ask?  Well, we might see a move towards VOIP and away from the control of wireless providers.  More competition is good, no?
Mobile Device Update:
  • Palminfocenter said Treo Pro now available for pre-order.  Too bad it's Windows Mobile.  Nothing against WM but just lamenting the fact Palm has yet to step up with their OS.  This would have really rocked.
  • At CTIA, Verizon added new apps for its phones.  What?  No app store?
  • Yahoo News reports Nokia is looking to make acquisitions, I think in a misguided effort to catch up to the rest of the mobile industry.  Personally, I don't think corporate mesh works unless you've already got a vision and a roadmap.  I'm not sure Nokia does at this time.  But best wishes, Nokia!
  • Yahoo News reports Nokia is looking for closer ties to Facebook.  
  • BGR lets us know when Blackberry Bold be will available on ATT.
  • Onxo musing and remind of possible Android announcement tomorrow.
Mobile Issues:
  • BGR is reporting Verizon will poach subscribers by offering credits.
  • Onxo wonders a bit on what'll happen if Samsung takes over SanDisk.  Good or bad?


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