Friday, September 12, 2008

Mobile Update for Setember 12, 2008

We had a busy week with the new iPods and moves by Blackberry making deals for consumer push.  Yahoo shows it can leverage its properties and move into the mobile realm.

T-Mobile's app store is finally here. Sort of.  It's not a big news today.  It'll be a big news - good or bad, no one knows.  Based on what we see, well, you decide.

Mobile Device Update:
  • Sony's new NS laptops.  Wow.  $1000 with Blue-Ray?  Okay, for BR.  It's one good-looking portable.  Check it out with Engadget.  Too bad it runs Vista.  
  • jkOnTheRun applauds Apple for the constant iPhone 3G update.  Really?  Are other mobile devices worse than this?
  • SSD has a long way to go.  Ubergizmo says WD shipping 500GB hard drive.  $220.
  • Gizmodo has a reader review of Chrysler's in-vehicle Internet access.  Now, this is true mobility.
  • Ubergizmo:  iPod Touch jailbroken.
Mobile Issues:
  • Ostatic on Yahoo's move to open up.  I get the sense that Yahoo is beginning to find its footing.
  • Yahoo News on wireless providers' issues with the EU.
  • PC Mag on Netbook versus Laptop.  Netbooks are here to stay.  They're cheap and very portable for limited functionality.  It'll do what it's meant to do.  That's it.  And if that's all you're looking for, then netbooks are the way to go as far as being very mobile.
  • Maybe big news if it comes to fruition.  Engadget is reporting HP is considering its OS.  Business Week has the details. 
  • 10 more days until Google and T-Mobile unveils the Android phone, if Reuters can be believed. 
  • RCR Wireless talks about mobile payment hurdles and what to expect.

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