Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mobile Update For Week of September 15-20, 2008

We had somewhat of a busy week. So, lots to talk about and we'll get right into it.

First we on confirmation through the week about Android's T-Mobile debut. We also recreated a lot to help anyone interested in Android by aggregating news and analyses from the Internet and news outlets.

We know now and have confirmation that T-Mobile and Google will be making the introduction for G1 or HTC Dream on September 23, next Tuesday in New York at 10:30am EST, which means for most folks who wake up on the west coast and reading for work, you'll hear something by the time you get to work by 8 or 9am PST. Which is great. I typically have to wait until 10:30am whenever Apple does their events, making those mornings difficult.

Here are other news we highlighted here at Onxo:

  • The biggest news of the day is gotta be what Verizon is showcasing for its troops and to get them excited about the Blackberry Storm. In releasing talking points, launch looks to be days away. I also received an e-mail confirmation from VW. But when I clicked the e-mail link, it took me back to the same sign-up page. There is rumor we'll see something Monday.  Electronista reports Verizon's Storm will go head-to-head with T-Mobile's Dream next week.  This is going to be one cool week!
  • Here's a very interesting development that you'll want to keep an eye on.  I hope Microsoft and Apple are watching this tool. Tucked away the the tail end of the VentureBeat article is a bit about Google warming up to Asus, the folks that brought us EEE PC.  By inviting Asus who is building these Internet friendly mobile devices, could we see another budding platform in the making like what Apple has planned for the iPhone platform?
  • We'll also be keeping any eye out for Sandisk.  Samsung has opening made a bid for it.  With most of our mobile devices equipped with flash memory, we also see a potential for any deal to impact our future choices.  There could be other suitors.  Toshiba, who has a couple of deals with Sandisk, has been mentioned as a suitor.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say even Google and Microsoft.  We shall see.
  • Verizon launched it's own mobile store using Flash exactly.  Washington  Post - Gizmodo) - dubbed the Dashboard, it allows LG's Chocolate to gain access to widgets.  Too early to tell if it'll work out.  Recently, VW and Google signed a deal to make Google Search the default search engine in VW's mobile phones.
Mobile Device Update:
  • Joystiq says EA will offer more mobile games of Eidos franchises.
  • Yahoo News reported ATT wants to connect iPhone to U-verse.
  • Onxo reports on flexible polymer ereader.
  • Yahoo News reports Microsoft and McDonald in a deal to let Zune owners access Wi-Fi for free.  I wonder what ever happened to iPhone owners access to ATT hotspots?
  • iXplora reports Xperia may move away from Windows Mobile in the future.  Android or Symbian?  Looks like Microsoft will have to eat its own dog food and launch a device or two, possibly with Zune support.  C'mon.  We all know that's coming.
  • Winter is coming and if you're wearing your regular gloves, it will not work with your touch devices.  Well, Treo Central has some special gloves that are compatible with multiple devices.
  • Wired reports on NY licenses with RFID tags.
  • jkontherun  reports T-Mobile will light up more 3G goodness in October, likely in time for the G1 (android) launch.  I see LA!
  • Could this be the Zune-Xbox-Phone?  It's just a MS patent but we can see where they might go with their mobile solutions.
Mobile Issues:
  • Camerahacker on netbooks for photographers and video guys.
  • Onxo on 3G modem growth.
  • Onxo believes the app market is bigger than what anyone realizes.
  • Onxo discusses Yahoo's article on wireless providers seeking dominion over subscribers.
  • Onxo on teen mobile habits and what the future holds.
  • Onxo summarizes CTIA teen survey and focus group on mobile social computing.
  • Mobile Ent on wireless broadband.  Crunch time.
  • Silcone Alley Insider asks how will Wall Street meltdown affect mobile providers like Blackberry.
  • Mobile Warriors as Reporters
  • IT News on dumb wireless providers - I mean "dumb pipes".  I also call it wireless protectionism.

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