Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mobile Update For The Week (September 22-26, 2008)

This was Google's week.  I started off not being sure if I wanted to support the platform given the limitations placed on the first Android phone, the G1, by T-Mobile.

However, I think the opportunity to be a part of a true Mobile platform is too big an opportunity to pass up.  I ended up getting the brown G1.  I will provide a comprehensive review with pictures, impressions, and analysis on October 22nd.

It's my hope that we'll learn more between now and then.

Also Dell announced their intention to go completely LED with the fall laptop lineup.  LED screens are suppose to be brighter and offer more vibrant colors.

Also on Thursday, RIM hit the market hard with higher costs associated with introduction of new devices in the market.  The stock subsequently was down by more than 26% in trading on Friday.  Jitters regarding the economy and possibly competition from the iPhone lead investors to rethink RIM's dominant position going forward.

Mobile Update:

  • Yahoo News reports Sandisk trying to lower stock prices by introducing something no one will buy.  Samsung encourages move.
  • Onxo on Android's developer attitude.
  • Onxo likes it better if G1 looks like either one of these two phones.
  • Appleinsider reviews iPod Touch 2nd gen.
  • BGR reports no Storm until Nov.
  • Engadget has specs on Blue-Ray equipped Vaio subnotes.
  • Crackberry supposedly have final specs on Storm.
  • Symbian-Freak reports Nokia working on in-door positioning.  Very nice idea.  Bring it to Disneyland.
  • Daily Tech reports Eye-Fi addes more services together in one card - geotagging, Wi-Fi, and more services.
  • Wired reports Amazon and Google works together on wireless music access.
  • Phone Arena a reports Palm delays OS.  Vegas to take bets on when Palm starts going Android.
  • CNet reports Broadcom wins again against Qualcomm.  Yahoo News also covers subject.
  • Onxo:  Android, party's over.  Now what?  First impressions and concerns.
  • Onxo on comparing G1 and the iPhone.
  • Engadget on hand crank PMP.  We also talked about using hand cranks to power your iPod.
  • Wired :  Slingbox to laptops.  In HD!
  • Onxo likes 256GB SSD from Toshiba.  
Mobile Issues Update:
  • Onxo's post-Android announcement report.
  • Onxo :  What happened to RIM?
  • Onxo reports T-Mobile may open up crippled T-Zones.  iPhone and Google influence seen.
  • Onxo analyzes Verizon's no contract service.  Could mean lower service plans and device prices.
  • Onxo about EEE PC's 3G connectivity on the 901 model.
  • Onxo on buying refub models.
  • Onxo reports on the Governator outlawing texting while driving.
  • Onxo believes G1 and T-Mobile has a lot of issues to resolve.  
  • RCR Wireless reports on a report that by 2013, $600 billion worth of transactions will be made wirelessly.
  • Engadget asks if Apple should find new best friends.  Spotlight to be search engine one day?  I think it's a possibility.
  • Yahoo News reports Visa to bring payment app to Android.
  • Silicon Alley Insider on state of corporate email market share in 3 years.  As an iPhone fan, 16% seems quite good.  For I don't know if Microsoft will make the kind of gains stated.
  • Onxo discusses bill to protect our data privacy at borders.  Not effective at all.
  • Daily Wireless reports Wi-Fi ain't going anywhere.
  • DC police uses iPhones and Toughbooks to keep residents safe
  • Crunchgear asks about TSA friendly bags.
  • Yahoo News reports Sony Ericsson to roll out musice services for crowded mobile market.
  • Wireless Week reports Sprint's WiMax will go live on Oct 8th.
  • Daily Wireless reports M2Z Networks success with no interference with AWS band.
  • Yahoo News on a study about e-mail use after work.  Corporate overlords love it.  Drones don't have a choice. (Recommended Reading)
  • GigaOM on white space.
  • Onxo on fluid situation in mobile device convegence.
  • CNet reports Bush opposses RIAA backed bill.  Wow...
  • Ars Technica on anti-counterfeit trade agreement - must keep this quiet, it's a secret negotiation.
  • Wired:  Google patent could make mobile contracts obsolete.

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