Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mobile Warrior Profile: Josh Gates of Destination Truth

We live in a world where superheroes or simple human heroes who use their intellect to solve mysteries, overcome odds, and find solutions at the last moment with gadgets, laptops, or, here goes, Google.

Now, we're going to begin with a weekly post and focus on a specific individual, real or otherwise, and imagine what kind of gadgets they'll carry around with them on their quests or latest attempts to save humanity.

Now, I doubt we'll ever profile Batman or Ironman.  That's too easy.  For those two, watch the movies or cartoons.

This week's profile is a real person.  Josh Gates of Scf-Fi's Destination Truth.  With a degree in archeology and drama, he is the modern day equivalent to Indiana Jones (without the whip or hat).  On the show, Jos and his team travel the world as setting up camp to find the truth and evidence for urban legends, paranormal events, and other X-Files-type mysteries.

Featured prominently on shows are laptops, mobile gears, cameras, and other various gadgets.  So, I wondered what does Josh take with him whether his deep in Africa or looking for Yeti in the Himalaya.  Well, Sci-Fi has made it simple by actually listen stuff he takes with him on most trips:

  • Spot Messenger  - With a push of a button, Josh can send maps or messages back to base in LA whether just to check in or send an emergency call.  
  • Sunnto Core Watch - barometer, altimeter, compass.  
  • Olympus Stylus 1030SW Digital Camera - Josh took it for its toughness.  You'll have to visit maybe Olympus' site or Amazon for specs.
  • SteriPen - Use UV to sterilize water.  And to top it off, it uses a solar charger.
  • Tumi Travel Charger 
  • Battery Geek Portable Power Station - provides Josh's team with up to 13 hours of batteries.  So, if you're into ameteur ghostbusting or UFO watching, this is perfect.  
  • Nikon D200 Camera
  • Garmin GPS Map 60CSx - compact and tough.  Accuracy within 4 feet.  
  • iPod - He's got the first gen nano.  Someone tell him there are new ones with longer battery lives.  Comes in useful for an all night stakeout for boogymen.  I don't understand why he has a Nike+ Transmitter.  I mean when does he find time to go jogging in Mongolia?
  • Flir Thermal Imager - I think Batman's got one of these in his cowl.  A must have for anyone trekking out in the dark.
  • Unlocked Sony Ericsson W810i - Josh loves his iPhone but this is what he takes with him on his journeys.  It isn't that the iPhone can hack it.  I'm sure he rather it that with him except ATT has made sure Apple has it locked and won't work else where.  I suggest someone unlock and jailbreak his phone for him.  
  • Moleskine Journal - good choice.  But any paper pad will work too.  A couple of pens are good too.  I lose a pen a week and that's just in my office.  
  • Book - Josh should bring his iPhone for ebook apps.  Actually, a real ebook reader would be great.
Suggestions for Josh:
  • We're partial the Macbooks and Viaos .  I think the Macbook Air is light and provides enough power for most of Josh and his team's truth-seeking.  Plus it runs Windows well.  Viaos are great as well.  Well built and Viaos are my second love after Macbooks.
  • The iPhone now plays a lot of games.  But for some reason I would have thought Josh would take with him a PSP .  He's likely too manly for Pokemon so DS is out.  Josh is more of a NFL or NBA type of person.  

So, there you go.  Destination Truth is on Wednesdays at 10/9C (whatever that means).

Now, we don't want to profile just folks we see on TV or fictional characters.  If you lead an exciting life, special ops, secret agent, or peace officer and use mobile gadgets, we love to make you the subject of Onxo's Mobile Warrior Profile.

Future Profiles:  Jack Bauer and McGyver (what Colonel Oneil...I mean McGyver would use today if he was still active)

Note:  We've provided product links to Amazon or product homepages for easy access if you want to duplicate your boyhood hero or find the mobile gadgets mentioned useful or want more information.

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