Possible Android Announcement Tomorrow; Some iPod Touch News

This the week over now that Apple has refreshed their iPod line san the mystery product?

Not at all.  TmoNews is reporting Robert Dotson, President and CEO of T-Mobile, will be the keynote speaker at CTIA tomorrow start at 9:30-11am.  There will be other speakers but I doubt anyone will be paying attention.

Because of the unusual nature of this year's event with rumors swelling over the release of the first ever Android phone, the normal gang of tech sites are likely going to be offering live updates over the Web.

Now, this is the only "Let's Rock" mention I'll have today.  There was nothing unexpected.  Please come back later today for the Mac-iPhone update where we'll put together all the information you need to decide on what purchases to make.

However, from the event, I can only say the iPod Touch rocks!  We'll explore all that in depth if we're able to get our hands on an iPod Touch.  It's not that much different from the previous version.  The hightlights are as follow:

  • Thinner
  • Longer battery life - 36 hours of music, 6 hours of video - 12 hours more music and one hour more video than the gen one.  in case you're wondering, the iPhone offers 24 hours of music and seven hours of video.  This tells me the dynamics of the chips inside are very different.
  • Speaker
  • Nike+ built in
  • same screen and new body.
  • Genius playlist
  • Voice recorder - VOIP anyone?  That's right.  This alone may be worth the price.
  • 8GB - $229, 16GB $299, 32GB $399 - about a $100 price cut.  Did not see 64GB model.  Probably January or next September.
So, those are the only features I think are different from the previous gen iPod Touch.  As for the other iPod lines, I'll provide links and info later tonight.  


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