SanDisk - What To Do Next?

According to Daily Tech, Samsung, the new Sony, with its more dynamic and exciting innovative energy has permeated our lives over the last decade is looking to add SanDisk to its rank.  At one time, SanDisk was one of the hottest company in the tech industry is now scraping the bottom in terms of stock prices, battered by dropping memory chip prices.

I remember when SanDisk had growth most companies can only dream about.  With what mobile users can appreciate, it's SanDisk that has helped pushed the envelope and innovation to where we are today.  MP3 storage, flash memories, and now SSD.

With a potential takeover by Samsung, it will be difficult to gauge how this will impact mobile users as far as pricing, innovation, and availability is concerned.  For the short terms, we will not see much change.  However with NAND chip pricing falling on a regular basis, I wonder how this will impact the market with one less player.

And while not picking on any particular company, Samsung has in the past been a part of anti-competitive investigations involving memory chips.  To be fair, Intel is also a frequent target of government probes.  Still, I'm a bit weary.

But, perhaps with disk drive makers still make progress with traditional hard drives, competition with SSD will continue.  And adoption of mobile devices like the iPhone will also continue, this will likely drive innovation and price in the right direction as well.


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