Monday, September 8, 2008

Mobile Update for September 8, 2008

Shares of companies that make smartphones all took a hit amidst a report of a slowdown in smartphone adoption.  According to Marketwatch (CBS), the current economic funk is to be blamed for lowered demands for these new phones.  While CBS may have simply reported the news and highlighted certain points from the report, they decided against using any wit about it.  

MacDaily News question the drop for Apple's stock today (it has since recovered from the 4% drop) when it said iPhone demands will pick up.  Furthermore, the report or CBS failed to mention any change from the plethora of new devices currently being introduced in the second half of 2008.  A strong line up of Bold, Thunder, G1, Nokia's offerings, and others stand a good chance of making a mobile comeback.

Love to hear what you think about it.

Also, quickly, new iPods tomorrow from Apple.  Stay tuned.

Mobile Device Update:
  • Gizmodo has an evolutionary view of the Blackberries.  
  • TmoNews reports T-Mobile 3G is live in Philadeliphia.  When is LA coming?!
  • Electronista ports Intel with their own SSD.  Nicely priced.  We'll likely see them lowered when bought in batches by laptop makers.  Expect more price drops from other SSD makers in the coming months. This is terrific news.
  • TmoNews offers more proof that Android phones are coming.  According to these fine folks, we should hear something this week, 9/10, from the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment 2008 in SF.  Folks.  This is a going to be a great week.
  • Yahoo now is the default search engine on ATT phones.  Earlier, Google and Verizon appeared to have tied themselves to make Google the search engine of choice on Verizon Wireless offerings.
  • Onxo reports Zune is on sale.  Please read about new features.  I guess Microsoft is done for the year as far as Zune goes.  However, we get a better picture of Microsoft may be taking Zune and other entertainment efforts like the Xbox.
Mobile Issues:
  • Engadget reports the ISS will get WiFi access.  More virii to be certain as well.
  • Engadget says the 700Mhz D Block is up for sale again.  This time, it'll be broken up into regional licenses.  
  • Onxo says WiMax deserves your attention.
  • MacWorld: iPhone Raises Bar on Smartphones.  Onxo maintains the iPhone is a mobile platform with the ability to make phone calls.  It is more than a smartphone.  The fact that it is lumped in with smartphones is a disservice to the platform, platforms like it, and to mobile users.  And I think Apple probably agrees with Onxo on this one.  

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