Short Musing On Effects of Today's Failed Vote For the Bail-Out Plan

Today's unexpected defeat of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act by the United States House of Representatives (228-205 against) has triggered a sell-out not seen in history.

What does this mean for the lives of Main Street's mobile warriors?  I'm not talking about mobile gadgets specifically but changes in the lives of our friends and families who do rely on tech companies for jobs and our livelihood.

At this point, I do not think anyone honestly knows.  With Presidential politics added into the mix of an election year, things become more unpredictable.  If it were any other year, this thing would have passed.

Perhaps the fact that members of Congress defied Congressional leadership and the White House is a good sign of things actually returning to the power of the people, politics as usual is not going away just like that.

Today, much of the tech world was jolted by the sell-off on Wall Street.  Apple was hit with a double-downgrade, Google trading below 400, and RIMM continues to be hammered.  Just about everyone else, Intel, Microsoft to Oracle and Cisco, we saw about a 9% sell-off.

I'll return to posts about the lighter sides of mobile life and gadgets soon and return to bitching about the evils of wireless providers next.  But here's hoping things turn around or, the very least, for a soft landing.


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