Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wireless Providers Still Want To Protect Turf

Should the wireless providers have been surprised when they stupidly asked the audience at the CTIA last week if they wanted access to their smartphones without gatekeepers and they received an
overwhelming applause?

It just goes to show just how out of touch these CEOs and their corporate handlers are in an age when the comsumers at large wanted faster wireless access, instant information, and no one telling them what they can or cannot do with their mobile devices.

In fact, it was Verizon Wireless' very own Lowell McAdam who bravely, or as some would say "blindly", asked the question to what he should have known the answer to. Keep in mind that more than $14 billion of the wireless revenue comes from nonvoice activities. It is no wonder these guys sought to keep control over it.

Perhaps the audience was not surprised when McAdam did not agree and called the wireless frontier the "Wild West". In fact these captains of the wireless industry would have us believe they are doing us a favor by restricting what the consumer can do on their network.

Dobson of T-mobile called this "stewardship and control" over the network would result in added productivity. He will have to excuse me for not swallow his load of @&$#. I suppose this is why his app store is going to get trounced by Google and iTunes in it's current form when it finally goes online.

I will provide added links when I get a chance. This post is being done on my iPhone but I just want to get this out there first. The source of this post is from Yahoo News.

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