Sprint Welcomes WiMax Subscribers By Being Evil

I understand the need for moderation in all things.  Diet.  Can't have too much one thing over another.  We want balance.  Like sleep.  Spending too, right?  I even think web hogs suck.  Most mobile warriors do.

But when wireless providers, all of them as far as I know, advertise "unlimited" wireless Internet, I expect wireless access.  Apparently, Sprint wants to be the newest victim of my ire by placing limitations on subscribers even before XOHM, the belated WiMax network, is even available to more than one city (Baltimore).

Apparently, T-Mobile's ill-advised decision to redefine "unlimited" 3G access to 1GB per month was changed due to, really, the collective power of geekdom was missed by Sprint.

So, how does Sprint plan on going beyond What T-Mobile did:

  • Limit P2P applications.  Rather, it would not let P2P applications run on its network.
  • No VOIP
  • It will slow down your network speed as it sees fit.
In their contract, file sharing was specifically mentioned as a "no-no".  
Now, with Comcast being slapped by the FCC, Sprint somehow figures it can get away with it.  We shall see.  
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